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As the Bible says, "Where your treasure is, there is your heart also." ...Among the musicians whose heart belongs to everlasting treasures, there is a soloist of the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine, trumpeter Andriy Ilkiv.





Exclusive skillful lightness of his play manner in different registers, the sound soft like velvet, the original expressive style with a rich overtone spectrum.





...It is a rare chance for the listeners to be lost in reveries.





...Again and again, the audience exploded with applause, when artists demonstrated their unique musical skills. ...Andriy Ilkiv expressed his strong energy as virtuoso par excellence.





Gentle movements of sound, impeccable intonation and full sound in all registers, and the natural flow of hot and engraved ornament, these are special features of his dynamic and multifaceted play.





Solo trumpet of great Andriy Ilkiv demonstrated his masterly skill, and a rich palette of timbers.





The trumpet solo of the Ukrainian musician Andriy Ilkiv caused the audience to feel their "goose skin". His instrument sounded as soft mute and touching as the oboe.





Haydn's Concerto for trumpet and orchestra played by the soloist Andriy Ilkiv was adopted with enthusiastic applause.





Sensitive virtuosity and ability to create a bright, concentrated image - these are the distinctive features of Ukrainian trumpeter Andriy Ilkiv. He is able to extract from his instrument a sound as sweet as figs, and pungent, like quince, be gentle and full of melancholy or mocking and violent - all depends on the score.





At artistics and musicality is Andriy Ilkiv the number one...